Sebastian Vettel ‘The New Winner’

You know?

It is so cool. Last night after tarawih prayer, on Global TV, I was watching F1 race in Monza circuit. Before that, I was viewing classification. And what happened? Vettel lead start. Are you kidding? No, I’m not.

I remember, Vettel is exchange player who replaced Kubica in BMW after accident in Canada last year competition. And he gave 1 point in first race. Great.

And my father told me, in the first lap, it is safety car. All cars run slowly, and after a curve, Vettel runs very fast. I saw the table of gap with heikki kovalainen, its about 13 second. A long time. Great Vettel. He is youngest driver in Formula 1. Cool. He is youngest Grand Prix Winner, Youngest Driver to score points (19 years old), Youngest driver to score podium position, youngest grand prix pole position winner, HE IS THE YOUNGEST DRIVER. I hope Vettel have new constructor like Ferrari? VETTEL IS A WINNER!

[Trying to make English posting, sorry about grammar]


2 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel ‘The New Winner’

  1. Pertamaaxxx
    balapan yang seru, ane nontonnya aja deg2an…
    salut buat vettel!!!

    Angga : Sama, apalagi pas pulang taraweh tinggal 5 lap lagi.. Deg-degan pisan.. VETTEL KEREN ABIS!


  2. ikutan salut buat Vettel.. he is the rising star… bravo
    Forza Ferrari

    Angga: Hohoho, jadi pemain German sama Brazil keren-keren semua euy! Coba Aryton Senna masih ada, pasti jadi mirip Schumi yang ngasih saran sama tim tuh.. Hohoho.. F1 jadi seru abis!!


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