The Reason Why I Love Liverpool

Becoming a Liverpool Fan?

I can’t really remember how and when I became a Liverpool fan, but I do know that I have always dreaming to live at Liverpool. The Beatles inspired me because of Dad’s music collection at computer, and my Junior High School chairmate is die-hard John Lennon fan. Liverpool is the 2nd place who I love so much to live there (beside Bogor). It’s all about culture and I love scousers accent! But my Dad being a Manchester United fan and that time, I only know Lazio because of Hernan Jorge Crespo, the goal machine. I didn’t even know of any other clubs at this stage in my life. Well, if I did, then only a few.

My Uncle, Chris Indria back to Indonesia and drummed me into me to become a Liverpool fan from a very young age, I was about 4 years old at the time (1996). He bought me my first Liverpool shirt around this time. I love this shirt because this is only football shirt I ever had and it’s original from Liverpool! Damn it I looooove it so much.

With my sister, open the gift from My Uncle

I had chosen Liverpool, not Lazio, really because Crespo moved to other club. But if somebody asked me what Football team I supported, I would also reply with “Liverpool”. I didn’t really follow it much until Gerard Houllier makes the treble winner and one superstar called Michael Owen shining at 1998 World Cup at France. (Although Robbie Fowler was my idol too, but Owen placed at my 1st).

But as soon a Rafa became manager I said to myself “right, new manager! This is where I will start to try and get into Football more, and I’ll be 100% committed to Liverpool Football Club”.

After seeing Owen leave the club, I feel devastated. Past Crespo and then Owen. But one night me and friends at Junior High School watch the Olympiacos vs Liverpool there’s canonball from Steven Gerrard. I feel the same with the past when Owen was my idol. Gerrard is class footballer!

Then on that night 25-5-2005, I watched the Champions League final! Wow!! I now knew that I had definitely chosen the right club for me. No betting with my friends because It’s HARAM and really feel sick if people talk about bet. My dad told this to me.

I remember at half time being really upset. Dad watching me cry. “Come on, this is just Half Time. Three-nil down. Maybe Milan can make it 6-0 hahaha”. Yeah, my dad is forever United fans and hates Liverpool haha

But then, 3 goals in 6 minutes equalised the score. Gerrard goal was class. Smices long-range shoot was brilliant. And Xabi penalty makes me scream! 3-3.

At the end of the 90, ET and penalty…and all the celebrations, I tell to my father, “Every time when I feel sick of this life, I will remember this moment Dad!”. “Sure you won tonight, congratulation kid.”

The next day at school, I realised how happy I was, and this was also the time where I realised that there were other Liverpool supporters in my school. Best feeling ever! Finka is the first mate congratulates me. He said, “Your team are crazy!”

In recent years, I have become more and more interested in Football. I am not footballer but I can score goal at many futsal match. I watch as many games as I can. I’ve found out about the history of Liverpool, past players, all the honour. I’m not lucky born at King Kenny, Ian Rush, and Heighway era. But Steven Gerrard was my hero now. Currently, I member of Bigreds Indonesian Liverpool Supporter. I don’t know how can 19 years old student, can pay Rp 200.000 just want to support the club. Haha but If I watch Liverpool together with Bigreds Bogor at Kedai Telapak (mostly), I feel crazy and have friends just like them was crazier experience ever! We sing, we shout the chant, we smiling and frustased together! Haha nothing is happier spend my night compared with this!

I am now 110% a Liverpool supporter, no matter what! I’m admin at @LFC_IPB at my Campus. I refuse to change, because there is no other team out there that is as inspiring as Liverpool are, even if we are having a bad season, or a bad current form. Behind Brendan Rodgers, I have the slight feeling that Liverpool’s glory days will be returning sooner than later :)

Glory is not about won trophy. But glory is in my heart. I don’t have anything from this football but what’s about you life? You just search for money for betting this football competition, no? Haha I have new friends, new networking. I have new experience and love people correcting my English because I had dream to get Master study and meet my Uncle at there, Liverpool.

Feel offended for my statement about betting? Talk to me later, If you are a Billionaire from this betting. Haha

You’ll Never Walk Alone.



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