Day 2: Likes and Dislikes

Masih berlanjut di 30 Days Challenge, walau badan mulai hancur karena over working hard selama beberapa hari ini. Mulai sakit kepala, masuk angin, bahkan kemarin sempet kaki kelindes mobil di lampu merah karena hujan besar sepulang kuliah. Apa yang menjadi kesukaan gue dan apa yang paling gue gak suka? This is my fckin secret! Hahaha


1. Photography
Started with a lose with my own mate in Photo-competition, I used to move on and play some stuff with my own camera; autodidact. Until my uncle (he is the most awesome photographer ever in the world) took me to Canon School of Photography in Jakarta. Since then, I almost love to travel and take some pictures, landscape, underwater, and human interest is my favorite. Won in 2 competition are the achievement :) I’m photographer in Journalistic Club at my Collage; my family, my pride: KORAN KAMPUS.

2. Travelling
Jogja, Bondowoso, and mostly activity at my collage field trip are the example. I love travelling so much. And my dream is have wife who also love travelling, go deep, write the our own story,  and take some photo with “selfie” hahaha

3. Chemistry
Ex-educated chemical analyst, people said that to me before I enter Marine Science at IPB. I love chemistry. My thesis with Mr Trip is about Oil Spill at the sea. I don’t know why but I call this: Passion.

4. Chillin with my family
I’m a lover. My family is my everything. Mostly, I spend my weekend in my home. My (alm) Mom love my attitude of this, not going anywhere but home. I love my family more than I love my GPA :))

5. Reading
Nah, I like reading some kind of inspirational novel such as An Accidental Millionaire, Sepatu Dahlan, dan Titik Nol. Textbook? No. But if it is about chemistry or marine science in chemical oceanography, I can exchange my sleeping time with reading these book.

6. Writing
“People can be a really smart people, but as long as he does not write, it will be lost in the society and of history. Writing is a courage.” – Pramoedya Ananta Tour. Someday, I have a dream I’ll publish one scientific journal with my teacher, Mr. Trip! ;)

7. Listening to The Beatles songs
In class, canteen, waiting people somewhere, and everywhere I bored, I’ll choose listen to music. The Beatles’s all album (I spent much money on this) always on the top of my playlist. Yesterday, Let It Be, and I saw her standing there are my favorite. Because The Beatles are original from Liverpool, I’d love to go to Cavern Pub at Liverpool someday! Amin Ya Allah…

8. Football
Liverpool Football Club. Born and life as Liverpool supporter since 4 years old, watching Liverpool playing at 03.00 a.m is not my problem for me. I’ll do anything for this. Liverpool are my inspiration. Steven Gerrard is my greatest hero all the time!

9. Teaching!
The reason I want to be a lecturer is my dad and mom are all teacher. Statistics is one of my favorite subject and I’d love to share my knowledge to anyone. My junior said that he appreciate my dedication and teach very patient and the result is he got A in the end! I’m proud of this and I’ll continue share my experience and knowledge to everyone :)

10. Chatting with you :)
I know it’s strange to share this to the world wide blog, but I found kind of spirit, cheers, and joy everyday since started BBM with you. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I just want to say thank you for all your response. Your story about your family is one of my favorite ever. I hope we can continue this all the time :) Once again, thank you :)

So, what I dislikes? Yeah I can tell you now

1. Late
2. Cockroach
3. Stupid people parking with their own rule. Just fck off dude!
4. Failed to make true the plain
5. Wake up late
6. Forget about something. I’m just 22 yo man!!
7. Physics and Calculus -__-
8. Traffic jam at 07.50 a.m.
9. People call me “fat ass”
10. Can’t meet with you because of time and place factors.

Sooo, this is my 2nd day challenge. Sorry if I’m not consistant answer all the question in two language hahaha terlanjur bro maap yak ^^

See you next post! :D

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