Unstable Ocean

Once you do the impossible, you’ll finally see that anything you want to do is within your reach. It just takes drive, dedication, passion, and the right mindset. True, I still fight for something, the impossible. It’s my future study, my career, my everything called Liverpool. Rolling out of my bed I decided to brainstorming in this Saturday, the unusual one; free Saturday. Even though it was around 6 a.m. I sat, sipping my hot chocolate milk, and turn on the Mac.

I recently became a man who always been a firm believer that if someone else can do it, and so am I. Facing a big brick wall called “distance”. I believe will be up and over this wall. This fucking wall has caused me a fear, struggling with my unstable feeling for a while. I know, once I get this challenge, the fear will be gone and wall will only be a memory.

It’s not only about the achievement, but also the feeling. Feeling that telling: “I can’t fall in love very quickly like other guy who separate with girl and find another else.” Whatever that means, I don’t know about my own decision. Shouldn’t love require the person that make us happy? Love comes and goes. And comes and goes. Are you feeling the same?

Every moment is a gift. When we experience the feeling of loss, we are reminded of what it is that we have gained by the experiences of that person.” – Adella.

Oh, I’m the unstable ocean, called internal waves. I need the old days back, when we shared together. Patience? No, do it now.


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